The Mohawk Valley Gaming Club is a not-for-profit club in Utica, New York
dedicated to the playing and enjoyment of games of all sorts: strategy, computer,
role-playing, CCG, miniatures, and more. Our membership varies widely in age,
background, and profession, but we all share one thing: a love of games.

While we no longer maintan a physical club location, members have been gathering since 2001 to enjoy activities such as LARP games, CCG games ranging from casual EDH nights to Gran Prix tournaments, miniatures gaming from casual tabletop games to Grand Tournaments, group trips to game conventions, and lots of other activities!

It’s a club? How can I become a member?

Just ask! We’re always looking for new members. Due to insurance reasons, we cannot accept members
less than 18 years of age without a parent as a sponsoring member.

This sounds great, but what’s the catch?

No catch. Just find us on Facebook and let us know you're interested!